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Here is a list of published posts organized by data (survey, panel or text analysis) or valuation methods (contingent valuation, choice experiments, travel cost method, hedonic pricing, meta analysis or combining RP-SP).


A. Survey data

From Sample to Population: Part 1 and Part 2

B. Panel Data:

Applications to pollution

              Applications to climate policy

C. Text Analysis:

Word Frequency: AERE Conference



A. Contingent Valuation: 

Non-parametric approach 

Parametric Approaches: Linear Probability ModelLogit and Probit Models

              Power Calculations: Continuous & Binary Outcomes

B. Choice Experiments: 

Repeated choices and data format

Choice set and data format

              Convolution Test

Applications: Karlõševa et al. (2019)

C. Travel Cost Method:

Plotting the demand for recreation

Travel Cost variable (distance and time): Part 1 and Part 2

Testing for Overdispersion

Handling Excess Zeros: Data Generation Processes, Zero-Inflated Models, Hurdle Models & Latent Class Models

D. Hedonic Pricing Method

The extent of the market

E. Meta Analysis

Replicating Results: Sundt and Rehdanz (2015)

Running many specifications: Manually, or Best Subset Regression

F. RP & SP (Revealed and Stated Preference) data:

Distributional Assumptions

Accounting for scale

Identifying the scale parameter

G. Cost-Benefit Analysis:

Applications: Wind Power